Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Building a Master Set Series

1990 Pro Set Football

Updated October 4, 2012

Description:  These pages will be dedicated to providing information to Pro Set Football Collectors for the purpose of compiling a knowledge base needed to collect all ErrorsInserts, Promos & Prototypes , Complete SetsUnreleased SB SetsFACT Educational Cards (Football and Academics: A Cincinnati Team) and the corresponding FACT Paperwork, Printing Variations, Collect-A-Books, Dumpster Finds, and Printing Errors produced by Pro Set in 1990.  I will try to sort through all the information I have compiled and present it as concisely as possible. This will be a work in progress! UPDATE:  A fellow collector has informed me that he has MANY of the rare items on my pages, plus pointed out some stuff that was missing from the Master Set.  Keep reading as I add new stuff with pics!

     Numbered xx/10M (M=Thousand)

     The lists will include all cards manufactured by Pro Set begining right after the end of the 1990 Pro Bowl and right before kick-off of the 1991 Pro Bowl.  Also included will be the prototype cards for the 1990 set, even though they were made in 1989.  I do this because those cards differ greatly from the 1989 sets' appearance and were made specifically to gain ideas on how to produce the 1990 set.

Why Bother?
     I started this blog after being down right disgusted by ebay sellers who use catch words like 'rare' to describe a certain version of a card that is easily obtainable.  Other key words used are 'error' or 'variation.'  While this makes searching for stuff a bit easier, the words do not accurately describe the cards. Although some errors might be hard to find in a pack, it has been my experience that the majority of the corrected versions will be harder to acquire.

     And, on the same note, lets get this information out as soon as possible:  THERE ARE NO SHORT PRINTS (SP) anymore!  The two famous SP's found in this set (75 [retired] & 338 [contract disputes - inactive for first 7 weeks of 1990]) are readily available in sealed packs from late printed boxes/cases.  I will explain further as I post information about each individual card.

     Please check back for updates on a regular basis.  I am compiling lists for everything and will publish them with their respective card scans as time permits.  In the meantime, you can find a plethora of information from web sources, including Beckett.com, and TradingCarddb.com.   But be warned...  Both have a few errors listed, such as Ozzie Newsomes' CORRECT home town.  They list it as Little Rock, AR.  This is a mistake on their part.  A bit of searching (by me!) revealed that he was actually born in Muscle Shoals, AL. 

Barry Sanders Hawaii Promo w/ Front Differences Highlighted. Click Pic To See.

Notes:  I have changed my timeline to include the days leading up to the 1991 Pro Bowl.  Thanks to the 'anonymous' person that pointed it out.  If I still have it wrong, or anything else on my blog, by all means post or email me!

     And lastly, enjoy building the best Master Set one could every attempt!!