1990 Pro Set Dumpster Finds

1990 Pro Set Dumpster Finds
Updated June 25, 2012

Description: This list is called 'Dumpster Finds' because of the way the cards made it into the collecting community.  I have read on another blog of a person who worked as a sanitation driver and was picking up trash from the Pro Set facility.  He found many uncut sheets in boxes and took them home.  When he found his way to that Pro Set blog, he posted many of his sheets were 'blank back,' incorrect fronts/backs, etc. and then stated that he was going to cut the sheets to sell the cards.  They have never been found in poly packs.

Joe Montana Front/Irv Eatman Back Dumpster Card

Blank Backs
Front NameCard #
Barry Sanders1
Barry Sanders (White)1
Eric Metcalf74
Cody Risien75
Ricky Nattiel93
Dan Reeves94
John Alt140
Steve Deberg141
Nick Lowery144
Bill Maas145
Dan Marino181
Raul Allegre222
Carl Banks223
Pepper Johnson226
Leonard Marshall227
David Meggett228
Phil Simms230
Lawrence Taylor231
Joe Montana293
Tom Rathman294
Eric Dickerson338
*Jeff George (Colts)669
*Jeff George (Patriots)669
*Jeff George (Falcons)669
*Keith McCants669
*Also in Gold Fronts
Lombardi HologramNNO
Blank Fronts
Front NameCard #
Barry Sanders1
Mike Ditka59
Ron Meyer139
Irv Eatman142
John Offerdahl362
Webster Slaughter370
David Treadwell375
*Jeff George (Colts)669
*Jeff George (Patriots)669
*Jeff George (Falcons)669
*Keith McCants669
*Also in Gold Backs
Lombardi HologramNNO
Double Fronts
Front NameCard #Card #
Barry Sanders (Gold)11
Barry Sanders (Gold)11*White Border Back
Barry Sanders (White)11*Back Upside down
Duaney Bickett130172Irv Pankey
Clarence Verdin137200Jerry Burns
Pete Holohan168132Jon Hand
Steve Jordan189131Bill Brooks
Double Backs
NameCard #Card #Name
Lawrence Taylor231132
Wrong Backs - Not Miscut
Front NameCard #Card #Back Name
Joe Montana2142Irv Eatman
Joe Montana2326Wilber Marshall
Walter Stanley15378Bud Carson
Andre Ware19155Bo Jackson
Jack Lambert HOF2759Mike Ditka
Tom Landry28160Steve Wisniewski
Jeff Lageman236274Tim Worley
Andre Reed36628Tom Landry
Wrong & Miscut Backs
Front NameCard #Card #Back Name
Ron Morris55127Jack Pardee
Ozzie Newsome75313Donald Igwebuike
Kelvin Martin83139Ron Meyer
Ken Norton84129Dean Biasucci
Ron Holmes90265Joe Bugel
Jack Pardee12781Crawford Kerr
Ron Meyer13983Kelvin Martin
Louis Oliver182139Ron Meyer
Sean Farrell20380Jim Jeffcoat
Stanley Morgan20584Ken Norton
NBA Hoops Backs
Front NameCard #Card #Back Name
Byron Evans605243Mark Bryant
Ron Heller60643Reggie Lewis
Wes Hopkins607159Byron Antom Scott
Doug Widell73043Reggie Lewis
Color Bars
Front NameCard #
Barry Sanders (Gold)1
*Blank Back
Barry Sanders (White)1
*Blank Back
Santa ClausSC2
Black Fronts
Back NameCard #
Bernie Kosar72
Reggie Langhorne73
Michael Carter285
Mike Cofer286
Pierce Holt290
Jesse Sapolu296
Logo Fronts
Back NameCard #
Deion Sanders36NFL
Joe Montana2NFL
Deion Sanders36NHL
Joe Montana2NHL

Notes:  Although the list is now updated, it is STILL very incomplete.  I was not keeping track of them before as I had no interest in them.  Also,  I have met a seller on ebay that made a warehouse deal with Pro Set.  He has many of these cards available for sale, listing them as 'rare' because they were probably going to be discarded/destroyed.  These were never supposed to make it out of the warehouse.  But, that still doesn't prevent us from collecting them.  LOL!

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