1990 Pro Set Errors

1990 Pro Set Errors
Errors = Missing/Incomplete/Incorrect Information On Card
Updated August 8, 2013

Description:  Ludwell Denny, President and CEO of Pro Set, was quoted many times describing "The Living Set," referring to an ever changing checklist of errors and variations created and corrected by the company.  This leads me and others to firmly believe that many errors were produced on purpose to keep interest alive in the card set.  Since his passing, it is now impossible to confim this straight from him, but the interest still lives on as his legacy!  Below is a list of what most popular card guides have for the errors (some are not in the guides), but I can tell you there are many more...  Some found by others, some by me, and some that have yet to be discovered, making this set probably one of, if not, the best set an error enthusiast could ever attempt to collect.

Card #772a mentioning substance abuse

Cool find by a fellow enthusiast - NO BIO!

Series I (1-378)
Joe Montana2aKelly (3,521 yards,
2bKelly (3,130 yards,
Ottis Anderson7aNo Name, Position, Number, & Card# On Back
7bOttis Anderson - RB - 24 - 7
Walter Stanley15a#8 on back
15b#86 on back
Note: Jersey on Front is #87
Chris Doleman18a104 sacks for Taylor, "Townsent, Jeffcoact"
18b104.5 sacks for Taylor; "Townsend, Jeffcoat"
Andre Ware19aNo Draft Snipe On Front
19bDraft Snipe On Front
Mo Elewonibi20aNo Draft Snipe On Front
20bDraft Snipe On Front
Percy Snow21aNo Draft Snipe On Front
21bDraft Snipe On Front
Anthony Thompson22aNo Draft Snipe On Front
22bDraft Snipe On Front
Franco Harris25aBirthdate: 2/7/50
25bBirthdate: 3/7/50
Jack Lambert27aBirthdate: 7/2/52
27bBirthdate: 7/8/52
Rickey Dixon63aMissing Bio Notes Under Photo
63bBio Notes Under Photo
Sam Wyche68aMissing Bio Notes Under Photo
68bBio Notes Under Photo
Ozzie Newsome75aBorn: Little Rock, AR
75bBorn: Muscle Shoals, AL
Note: meant to be Cody Risien. Found in Late Series I packs
Johnny Holland110aNo Name, Position, Number on Back
110bJohnny Holland - LB - 50
Perry Kemp111aGray Shirt (Ken Stills) On Back
111bGreen Shirt On Back
Sterling Sharpe114aBorn: Glenville, GA
114bBorn: Chicago, IL
Andre Rison134aNo Trade Snipe
134cTrade Snipe (In Final Update)
Mervyn Fernandez152aFree Agent, '87
152bDrafted 10th round '83
Art Shell161aBirthdate: 11/25/46, Small HOF Banner
161bBirthdate: 11/26/46, Large HOF Banner
161cBirthdate: 11/26/46, Small HOF Banner
Charles Haley289aFUM - REC - Totals 4
289bFUM - REC - Totals 5
Paul Gruber310aLetters "RUBER" and T" Missing on Back
310bPaul Gruber - T - 34
Ray Perkins319aNo Name, Position On Back
319bRay Perkins - Head Coach
Chris Hinton343aNo Traded Snipe - "Has Been Named.."
343bTraded Snipe - "Has Been Named…"
343cTraded Snipe - "Six-Time Pro Bowl.."
Super Bowl XXIISBC22a1989 on Back
SBC22b1988 on Back
Series II (379-752, 781-798)
Dan Hampton449aDE on back
449bDT on back
Kevin Glover496aC-G on back
496bC on back
Rod Bernstine627aTE on Back
627bRB on Back
Anthony Miller630aWR-KR Front - WR Back
630bWR Front - WR-KR Back
630cWR-KR Front and Back
Leslie O'Neal632aLB-DE Front - LB Back
632bLB Front and Back
632cLB-DE Front and Back
David Richards633aG-T Back
633bG Back
Curt Jarvis657aThe Official NFL Card Missing on Front
657bThe Official NFL Card On Front
Terry Wooden698a#90 on Back
698b#51 on Back
Pat Terrell718a#41 on Back
718b#37 on Back
Oliver Barnett723aDT Front - NT Back
723bNT Front and Back
Johnny Bailey743a#46 on Back
743b#22 on Back
Eric Moore744aNo Prospect Snipe
744bProspect Snipe Added
Paul Tagliabue785apeered through the Berlin Wall
785bposes at the Berlin Wall (Not POSED)
Final Update (134 SC4 (701) 753-780, 799, 800D, 800O)
Dexter Manley772aReinstated by Commissioner Paul Tagliabue…
772bAfter Missing the first 10 weeks…

772cNo Bio/Light Yellow Bio on Back

1990 Pro Set Ottis Anderson #7 Verified! This card is graded by Beckett.

Notes:  Green are new to the list (from another blog) and Red are unconfirmed, but have been reported by others.  If they do exist, from my own pack-opening experience, the are ultra rare and would be worth some serious money!  If you have any information or card scans for these, please email me or post!