1990 Pro Set FACT Paperwork

1990 Pro Set FACT Paperwork
UPDATED: October 14, 2012

Description:  The following pictures were sent to me from a "collector in PA" and "collector girl."  I have transcribed the documents as best I can.  The first is from Lud Denny of Pro Set and the Second is from former Cincinnati City Councilman and NFL player Reggie Williams.  There are also posters to promote the FACT project that were hung in schools.  UPDATE:  Found an enthusiast who has the Teacher versions of the paperwork!  Pics to come as soon as he has a chance!  Stay Tuned!

Student Instructional Game Plan sent by a "collector in PA."

1990 Pro Set FACT Binder sent by a "collector from PA."

Lud Denny Letter picture from "collector girl"

Dear Student;

     It is a privilege for Pro Set to be working with you, your teachers and your Cincinnati schools on this historic FACT program.  You are part of a team that is the first in the country to have this exciting new way to improve your skills using NFL Pro Set Football Cards, the official trading card of the NFL.

     At Pro Set, we work extra hard to make our trading cards the very best we can.  In the same way, we want you to apply your best efforts in this important program.  Please cooperate with your teachers and listen carefully to their instructions.

     We're very pleased to be on this educational team, right along side of you.  Please enjoy your cards, but most of all, put your best efforts foward as a "first-teamer" to learn all you can and succeed.


                                                                                   Lud Denny

Lud Denny and Reggie Williams Letters picture from "collector girl"

October 1990

Dear Students;

Over the next 15 weeks, something special and exciting will be happening to you!  You will be involved with a new program called FACT which stands for Football & Academics: A Cincinnati Team.

You are special to us, and everyone who worked on this project has your best interest as our number one concern.  You're the most important part of the team.

As you look through your FACT album, please treat it with care, as you are the only students in the world with this program.  Whether its in sports, city government and especially education, you only get out of something, what you put into it.  I know you willl put your best effort into this FACT project.

We are proud of this FACT project, and hope you will enjoy the next 15 weeks.  Please let us know how you feel about what is on the back of the cards.  You can write to us at the address listed above.  I look forward to hearing from you.

Sincerely your friend,

Reggie Williams

"Collector girl" FACT cards picture.

"Collector girl" FACT cards picture.

"Collector girl" FACT Binder picture.

Notice the Fred Marion back.  Looks like a "bloody Face" variation.  Also, Rohn Stark's name on front is not off-center (variation for this card), Andre Rison is missing the traded snipe and Chris Hinton HAS the traded snipe. This gives a bit of insight as to when these cards were printed in regards to the errors and variations found by fellow enthusiasts.

Notes:  The student instructional booklet contains a list of the cards for each week with their corresponding question. If you have access to any other form of paperwork, please feel free to email or post.


  1. I have the entire NFL Pro Set of cards with binder and paperwork from my 6th grade year. The entire set is in mint/near mint condition. Does this set hold any value to anyone?

  2. It does to me! I am Robert, the person that wrote this blog. Please email me at 1990proset@gmail.com