1990 Pro Set Packaging

1990 Pro Set Packaging
Updated October 14, 2012

Description: These are the differences in print runs for the packaging used by Pro Set.  The Series I and II wrappers (pictured below) have 3 variations in the ads placed on the back.  The Silver Anniversary (25th) packs contain 6 pieces of bubble gum with the Pro Set logo on the wrappers.  Inside, the cards are separated with a clear wrapper to protect them from the gum. UPDATE I finally found a way to distinguish the SB Ad print run boxes!  The Pro Set Logos differ in color!!  I have identified a dark blue, a purple and a light blue so far.  The light blue has the Sterling Sharpe Correction which is one of the LAST corrections made by Pro Set.  It might be the second to the last print run for the 90 set...? (The last print run has the Dickerson and Risien cards).  Picture below (but not very good).

Look at Sanders background (Light and Dark Blue). Pro Set logo color corresponds.

1990 Pro Set Football boxes from different print runs.

Series I and II poly Packs
1990 Pro Set Playbooks III & IV

25th Anniversary Edition poly Box

1991 Silver Anniversary poly Pack

Pro Set Bubble Gum - Hard as a ROCK!

Notes:  The "light yellow" box might be a case of too much sun exposure or degrading ink (the bottom is almost identical in color), but is included for collectors to spot old boxes (first print run).  As far as I know, there is no other way to distinguish the second series boxes.  Warning: Be careful when buying clear cellophane packs on ebay labeled promos, rare, etc.  If they have a ticket card on the front and a puzzle piece on the back, it is just the insides of a Silver Anniversary poly pack (pictured above).

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