1990 Pro Set TODO

1990 Pro Set TODO
Updated June 29, 2012
Description:  Just a page to keep my thoughts in order of what needs to be done.  FYI:  Just because it is listed here, it does not guarentee it will be started or finished (but i will try!).


1.  Printing errors - 2 pages - Started
2.  Owners set w wilson binder series I and II
3.  Owners Edition Hologram
4.  Pictures of sample cellophane packs usedc to gain the opinions of executives/owners/etc.

DO YOU KNOW?  Was the Super Bowl XXV program printed by Pro Set?  Is their logo or trademark anywhere in the program?

Notes: If you have anything in mind that should be included in the blog, just post or email me!


  1. Regarding Owners hologram, there is one on ebay.
    I have a SB Card Show V 1994 that says Pro Set is here to stay! Ha ha
    There was an Owners Set binder on ebay a while ago...wanted $40K for it...thats a car...or two!!

  2. I actually own a PSA 8 no name owners edition hologram now. I just haven't updated the blog in a while. Will get on it soon! Thanks for the reply. Robert