1990-91 Pro Set Pro Bowl 106 Binder

1990-91 Pro Set Pro Bowl 106 Binder

Updated October 14, 2012
Description: This set was released to honor the Pro Bowl squad.  Most of the cards are the same as the ones found in the base set except for 4 (highlighted in green) which say 1990 Final Update on the top bar/stripe and 1 theme art card error (SBXII) which is missing the silver stripe on top.  These were sold in a white binder with the Pro Bowl Logo on Front.

1990-91 Pro Set Pro Bowl 106
Card NoNameCard NoName
39Cornelius Bennett440Andre Reed
40Jim Kelly443Bruce Smith
49Neal Anderson444Thurman Thomas
52Richard Dent447Mark Bortz
53Jay Hilgenberg462David Fulcher
57Mike Singletary464Rodney Holman
86Steve Atwater467Anthony Munoz
91Bobby Humphrey491Dennis Smith
96Jerry Ball497Mel Gray
98Lomas Brown514Bruce Matthews
102Barry Sanders517Warren Moon
114Sterling Sharpe518Mike Munchak
118Ray Childress529Albert Lewis
119Ernest Givins534Kevin Ross
122Drew Hill536Derrick Thomas
135Rohn Stark557Jeff Cross
137Clarence Verdin560Ferrell Edmunds
144Nick Lowery562John Offerdahl
155Bo Jackson575Bruce Armstrong
156Don Mosebar597Sean Landeta
158Greg Townsend626Rod Woodson
160Steve Wisniewski630Anthony Miller
173Jackie Slater632Leslie O'Neal
186Joey Browner677Richmond Webb
188Chris Doleman754Steve Tasker
189Steve Jordan766Reyna Thompson
190Carl Lee771Johnny Johnson
191Randall McDaniel778Wayne Haddix
210Morten Andersen800DMark Carrier
215Vaughan Johnson1Super Bowl I
218Pat Swilling2Super Bowl II
226Pepper Johnson3Super Bowl III
229Bart Oates4Super Bowl IV
231Lawrence Taylor5Super Bowl V
244Jerome Brown6Super Bowl VI
247Randall Cunningham7Super Bowl VII
248Keith Jackson8Super Bowl VIII
252Reggie White9Super Bowl IX
271David Little10Super Bowl X
276Marion Butts11Super Bowl XI
289BCharles Haley12Super Bowl XII
291Ronnie Lott13Super Bowl XIII
292Guy McIntyre14Super Bowl XIV
293Joe Montana15Super Bowl XV
295Jerry Rice16Super Bowl XVI
320Earnest Byner17Super Bowl XVII
321Gary Clark18Super Bowl XVIII
323Darrell Green19Super Bowl XIX
324Jim Lachey20Super Bowl XX
334Aloha Stadium21Super Bowl XXI
434Andre Rison22Super Bowl XXII
437Shane Conlan23Super Bowl XXIII
438Kent Hull24Super Bowl XXIV

1990-91 Pro Bowl Binder Variation Cards with "1990 Final Update" stripe.

Top border missing silver printing.
 Notes:  Thanks to 'Anonymous,' the list is now complete!  Please email me your name or moniker so I can give you proper credit for completing the list! UPDATE:  After purchasing this binder from an ebayer, I had a conversation and found out that these binders were also given to the players in the Pro Bowl and to the Owners of the NFL teams.  Seems they are similar to the Owners and Errors & variations Editions as the binder is made of 'pigskin.'  I would guess they are made by Wilson as well (like Owners/Error&Var).  AND!!  There were 2 more variation cards included in them!  But I did not find out which :( If you have any info on these, please email me or post!


  1. missing #437 Shane Conlan & #518 Mike Munchak.

  2. thank you very much!! Will update the list soon!

  3. I have 4 of these sets. I had bought the last known ones that were still in the warehouse. I had approximately 200 or so but lost all but 4 in a disaster at my warehouse. I would love to sell these if there is any interest. All cards are present.

  4. send me an email so we can discuss it.. i always buy extras.. (its a sickness! LOL) 1990proset aaaattttt gmail dddddooootttt com.