1990 Pro Set Inserts

1990 Pro Set Inserts

Updated December 22, 2012

Description:  These cards were randomly inserted into Series I and II poly packs.  The "Theme Art" cards, "MVP Collectible" cards and "Playbooks" were inserted at a rate of 1 per poly pack.  "Special Collectibles", "Commemorative Collectibles" and "Special Promotional" cards were inserted at a rate of 1 per fiftieth poly pack (not 1 of each, rather 1 of them per 50th pack).  The Lombardi Hologram was inserted at a 'possible' rate of 1 per one or two wax cases (no real information exists and was an extremely rare pull).  No holograms numbered over 9,000 have surfaced for sale on ebay or other places which suggests Pro Set never released the advertised amount (10,000). UPDATE:  I purchased the "Official NFL Pro Set Card Book" and read that the 1st hologram was kept by Lud Denny himself and he donated card number 10,000 to the Pro Football Hall Of Fame. It also mentions that the numbering was done by a professional calligrapher and each card cost the company $12 to produce.

By far, the most collectible card from the base set.

Series I
Andre Rison134bTraded snipe front, "Are You Missing Something…" on back
Jeff George669eIndianapolis Helmet - Flying Illini Uniform
Paul TagliabueCC2NFL Commissioner (Commemorative Collectible 2)
Payne StewartSP1Pro Set Golf Promo (Pro Set Special 1)
Lombardi Hologramxx/10M10,000 Made - M = Thousand
Super Bowl XXIVNNOIn 1989 Theme, continues SB card set (Has XXIV as #)
Super Bowl Theme Art1-24Super Bowl I - XXIV (Super Bowl Collectible xx)
Series II
Andre Rison134bTraded snipe front, "Are You Missing Something…" on back
SuperProSCMarvel-made NFL Super Hero
Santa ClausSC2Santa Claus Collectible 1990 (Lud Denny On Wall Picture)
Joe RobbieSC3Memorial Card (1916 - 1990) (Commemorative Collectible 3)
MVP Collectible1-24Super Bowl MVP Portraits (MVP Collectible xx)
Final Update
Fred WashingtonSC4Memorial of His Passing (1967 - 1990) (Special Collectible)
ChecklistN/AFinal Update Checklist
HeaderN/AFinal Update Header Card with Bar Code ($5.00)
Super Bowl XXV Commemorative Tin
SB XXV Collect-A-BookSBSummarizes Super Bowls I-XXIV
Collect-A-Book HeaderN/A"Introducing The Premier Edition of 1990 NFL 
Pro Set Collect-A-Books" (No Pro Set Logo)
Pro Set Play Books
Pro Set Play Book III1 in Each Series I Wax Pack
Pro Set Play Book IV1 in Each Series II Wax Pack

1990 Pro Set Series I & II Inserts
As a "friend of the blog" put it, "The Many Faces Of Andre Rison"

Notes: Jeff George #669a became an Insert after The NFL Draft Day and is therefore referenced as 669e (Jeff Georges' RC, 669 in series II, should be referenced as 669f).  If you have information about Lombardi holograms numbered 9,000+, please send me an email or post.  The thinking seems to be that since the company went under or never bothered releasing the rest, the leftovers (bought by dealers or taken by employees) were used to make the counterfeit holograms numbered xx/10K (legit holograms have xx/10M). UPDATE:  Series I inserts were carried over to Series II packs (confirmed by "The Official NFL Pro Set Card Book.")

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