1990 Pro Set Printing Variations

1990 Pro Set Printing Variations

Updated December 22, 2012

Description:  These are not errors.  The information is complete on the cards.  What "varies" is the way the information is presented.  Variations include different Player/Executive pictures, font sizes, incorrect or missing colors, and airbrushed pictures. 

Large and Small HOF Snipes
1990 Pro Set Printing Variations
Card Variations - Same Number
Eric Dickerson338aShort Print
Lud Denny338bPro Set President Promo
Cody Risien75aReplaced Early
Ozzie Newsome75bReplaced Cody Risien
Walter Stanley666aBase Set Player Card
Steve Young666bPro Set Vice President Promo (Not QB w/ Same Name)
Fred Marion204a49ers player with belt unfastened (John Taylor)
204b49ers players belt airbrushed out (John Taylor)
Font Changes
Mike Ditka59aLarge Font  "Hall Of Fame" On Front
59bSmall Font  "Hall Of Fame" On Front
Art Shell161bBirthdate: 11/26/46, Large HOF print on front
161cBirthdate: 11/26/46, small HOF print on front
Randall Cunningham386aLarge Print On Front (Eagles 's' Next to Card Edge)
386bSmall Print On Front (Eagles 's' 1/4" from Card Edge)
*NOT a cutting Error - PB Logos line Up
Missing Color
Morten Andersen210aName In White On Back
210bName In Black
Eric Martin216aName In White On Back
216bName In Black
Jim Mora221aName In White On Back
221bName In Black
Super Bowl XIISBC12aWhite Border on Top Back
SBC12bSilver Border on Top Back
Incorrect Color
Cornelius Bennett39aBlack Stat Header
39bRed and Black Stat Header
39cRed Stat Header
Trace Armstrong446aBlack Stripe ON Front Top and Bottom
446bNavy Blue Stripes On Top and Bottom
Wes Hopkins607aStat Categories Fumbles and Interceptions in Black
607bStat Categories Fumbles and Interceptions in RED
Rod Woodson626aBlack Stat Header
626bBlack Over Red Stat Header
626cRed Stat Header
Off-Center Name on Front
Rohn Stark135aFront Name Shifted Left

Notes:  Cornelius Bennett is new to the list.  I saw this information on another blog and confirmed with my own cards (except Black Stat header). UPDATE: Eric Dickerson was a 'short print' because he would not join the NFLPA (NFL Players Association).  The NFL and NFLPA would only authorize "official" cards of players who were in both.  Also, he was placed on the inactive list for the first 7 weeks of the 1990 NFL season by the Colts because of contract disputes. Cody Risien was a 'short print' because he retired (for a second and final time) on July 26, 1990, after leaving training camp.  I have updated wikipedia to include this information.  As always, if you have any further information, please email me or post!

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  1. I am in possession of 2 Pro Set 1990 cards that have been mis-printed. Mark Clayton #177 and Stanley Morgan #205. Have you heard of these particular cards being mis-cut from other collectors? Could they be worth anything? Thank you for any information. My email is Chucksrx@gmail.com Thank you