1990 Pro Set FACT

1990 Pro Set FACT
UPDATED: July 14, 2014

Description:  Five thousand sets were produced.  They were released in packs for a period of 15 weeks, one pack with 25 cards + header, to 4th through 6th graders in 29 Cincinnati area schools.  The complete set includes Series I cards with the same fronts as the base set, except card #338.  The back text is changed to educational questions.  An extra 25 consisting of 24 Super Bowl Theme Art cards and 1 SB XXIV insert card from series I were also handed out. These 25 cards do not have questions on the back and do not differ from their poly pack counterparts. The set totals 415 cards (headers included).  The rumored Eric Dickerson SP (at the time) was not included BUT does exist!  A 'friend of the blog' sent proof!!  The card is graded, but I did not show what company/number for anonymity reasons.  UPDATE:  The Dickerson card has card #286s' (Mike Cofer's) question on the back.

Unreleased Eric Dickerson "mock-up" of the FACT card with text in bio area.

1990 Pro Set FACT
Card NoNameWeekCard NoNameWeek
1Barry Sandersw1201Vincent Brownw6
2Joe Montanaw1202Hart Lee Dykesw14
3Lindy Infantew1203Sean Farrellw6
4warren Moonw1204Fred Marionw6
5Keith Millardw1205Stanley Morganw15
6Derrick Thomasw1206Eric Sieversw6
7Ottis Andersonw1207John Stephensw15
8Joe Montanaw2208Andre Tippettw15
9Christian Okoyew2209Rod Rust COw15
10Thurman Thomasw2210Morten Andersenw6
11Mike Coferw2211Brad Edelmanw12
12Dalton Hilliardw2212John Fourcadew12
13Sterling Sharpew2213Dalton Hilliardw13
14Rich Camarillow3214Rickey Jacksonw13
15walter Stanleyw3215Vaughan Johnsonw13
16Rod Woodsonw3216Eric Martinw13
17Felix Wrightw3217Sam Millsw7
18Chris Dolemanw3218Pat Swillingw7
19Andre Warew3219Frank Warrenw7
20Mo Elewonibiw4220Jim Wilksw7
21Percy Snoww4221Jim Mora COw7
22Anthony Thompsonw4222Raul Allegrew2
23Buck Buchananw4223Carl Banksw1
24Bob Griesew4224Jumbo Elliottw1
25Franco Harrisw5225Erik Howardw7
26Ted Hendricksw4226Pepper Johnsonw2
27Jack Lambertw5227Leonard Marshallw7
28Tom Landryw5228Dave Meggettw2
29Bob St.Clairw5229Bart Oatesw3
30Aundray Brucew5230Phil Simmsw8
31Tony Casillasw5231Lawrence Taylorw8
32Shawn Collinsw5232Bill Parcells COw8
33Marcus Cottonw6233Troy Bensonw8
34Bill Fralicw6234Kyle Cliftonw8
35Chris Millerw6235Johnny Hectorw8
36Deion Sandersw6236Jeff Lagemanw9
37John Settlew6237Pat Leahyw9
38Jerry Glanville COw6238Freeman McNeilw9
39Cornelius Bennettw7239Ken O'Brienw9
40Jim Kellyw7240Al Toonw9
41Mark Kelsow7241Jo Jo Townsellw9
42Scott Norwoodw7242Bruce Coslet COw10
43Nate Odomesw7243Eric Allenw10
44Scott Radecicw7244Jerome Brownw10
45Jim Ritcherw8245Keith Byarsw10
46Leonard Smithw8246Cris Carterw13
47Darryl Talleyw8247Randall Cunninghamw13
48Marv Levy COw8248Keith Jacksonw14
49Neal Andersonw8249Mike Quickw14
50Kevin Butlerw8250Clyde Simmonsw14
51Jim Covertw9251Andre Watersw14
52Richard Dentw9252Reggie Whitew15
53Jay Hilgenbergw9253Buddy Ryan COw15
54Steve McMichaelw9254Rich Camarillow15
55Ron Morrisw9255Earl Ferrellw10
56John Roperw9256Roy Greenw10
57Mike Singletaryw9257Ken Harveyw3
58Keith Van Hornew10258Ernie Jonesw1
59Mike Ditka COw10259Tim McDonaldw11
60Lewis Billupsw10260Timm Rosenbachw11
61Eddie Brownw10261Luis Sharpew3
62Jason Buckw10262Vai Sikahemaw3
63Rickey Dixonw10263J.T. Smithw1
64Tim McGeew11264Ron Wolfleyw1
65Eric Thomasw11265Joe Bugel COw11
66Ickey Woodsw11266Gary Andersonw11
67Carl Zanderw11267Bubby Bristerw1
68Sam Wyche COw11268Merril Hogew11
69Paul Farrenw11269Carnell Lakew2
70Thane Gashw12270Louis Lippsw11
71David Graysonw12271David Littlew3
72Bernie Kosarw12272Greg Lloydw3
73Reggie Langhornew12273Keith Willisw11
74Eric Metcalfw12274Tim Worleyw3
75Ozzie Newsomew12275Chuck Noll COw4
76Felix Wrightw13276Marion Buttsw4
77Bud Carson COw13277Gill Byrdw2
78Troy Aikmanw13278Vencie Glennw2
79Michael Irvinw13279Burt Grossmanw4
80Jim Jeffcoatw13280Gary Plummerw4
81Crawford Kerw13281Billy Ray Smithw12
82Eugene Lockhartw13282Billy Joe Tolliverw12
83Kelvin Martinw14283Dan Henning COw1
84Ken Norton Jr.w14284Harris Bartonw1
85Jimmy Johnson COw14285Michael Carterw1
86Steve Atwaterw14286Mike Coferw1
87Tyrone Braxtonw14287Roger Craigw1
88John Elwayw14288Don Griffinw1
89Simon Fletcherw15289Charles Haleyw2
90Ron Holmesw15290Pierce Holtw2
91Bobby Humphreyw15291Ronnie Lottw2
92Vance Johnsonw15292Guy McIntyrew2
93Ricky Nattielw15293Joe Montanaw2
94Dan Reeves COw15294Tom Rathmanw2
95Jim Arnoldw1295Jerry Ricew3
96Jerry Ballw1296Jesse Sapoluw3
97Bennie Bladesw1297John Taylorw3
98Lomas Brownw1298Michael Walterw3
99Michael Coferw1299George Seifert COw3
100Richard Johnsonw4300Jeff Bryantw3
101Eddie Murrayw4301Jacob Greenw4
102Barry Sandersw2302Norm Johnsonw4
103Chris Spielmanw2303Bryan Millardw4
104William Whitew2304Joe Nashw4
105Eric Williamsw2305Eugene Robinsonw4
106wayne Fontes COw3306John L. Williamsw14
107Brent Fullwoodw3307David Wymanw14
108Ron Hallstromw3308Chuck Knox COw14
109Tim Harrisw8309Mark Carrierw14
110Johnny Hollandw8310Paul Gruberw14
111Perry Kempw8311Harry Hamiltonw15
112Don Majkowskiw9312Bruce Hillw15
113Mark Murphyw9313Donald Igwebuikew15
114Sterling Sharpew9314Kevin Murphyw15
115Ed Westw9315Ervin Randlew12
116Lindy Infante COw9316Mark Robinsonw12
117Steve Brownw9317Lars Tatew12
118Ray Childressw10318Vinny Testaverdew12
119Ernest Givinsw10319Ray Perkins COw12
120John Grimsleyw10320Earnest Bynerw12
121Alonzo Highsmithw10321Gary Clarkw12
122Drew Hillw10322Darryl Grantw13
123Bubba McDowellw10323Darrell Greenw13
124Dean Steinkuhlerw10324Jim Lacheyw13
125Lorenzo Whitew11325Charles Mannw13
126Tony Zendejasw11326wilber Marshallw13
127Jack Pardee COw11327Ralf Mojsiejenkow13
128Albert Bentleyw11328Art Monkw15
129Dean Biasucciw11329Gerald Riggsw15
130Duane Bickettw11330Mark Rypienw14
131Bill Brooksw12331Ricky Sandersw4
132Jon Handw12332Alvin Waltonw4
133Mike Priorw12333Joe Gibbs COw5
134Andre Risonw12334Aloha Stadiumw5
135Rohn Starkw12335Brian Blades PBw5
136Donnell Thompsonw12336James Brooks PBw5
137Clarence Verdinw13337Shane Conlan PBw5
138Fredd Youngw13339Ray Donaldson PBw5
139Ron Meyer COw14340Ferrell Edmunds PBw6
140John Altw14341Boomer Esiason PBw6
141Steve DeBergw14342David Fulcher PBw6
142Irv Eatmanw1343Chris Hinton PBw6
143Dino Hackettw2344Rodney Holman PBw6
144Nick Loweryw2345Kent Hull PBw6
145Bill Maasw2346Tunch Ilkin PBw7
146Stephone Paigew5347Mike Johnson PBw7
147Neil Smithw3348Greg Kragen PBw7
148Marty Schottenheimerw3349Dave Krieg PBw7
149Steve Beuerleinw3350Albert Lewis PBw7
150Tim Brownw4351Howie Long PBw7
151Mike Dyalw4352Bruce Matthews PBw8
152Mervyn Fernandezw4353Clay Matthews PBw8
153willie Gaultw4354Erik McMillan PBw8
154Bob Golicw5355Karl Mecklenburg PBw8
155Bo Jacksonw5356Anthony Miller PBw8
156Don Mosebarw5357Frank Minnifield PBw8
157Steve Smithw5358Max Montoya PBw8
158Greg Townsendw5359warren Moon PBw10
159Bruce Wilkersonw6360Mike Munchak PBw9
160Steve Wisniewskiw6361Anthony Munoz PBw9
161Art Shell COw6362John Offerdahl PBw9
162Flipper Andersonw6363Christian Okoye PBw9
163Greg Bellw6364Leslie O'Neal PBw9
164Henry Ellardw6365Rufus Porter PBw9
165Jim Everettw6366Andre Reed PBw10
166Jerry Grayw7367Johnny Rembert PBw10
167Kevin Greenew7368Reggie Roby PBw10
168Pete Holohanw13369Kevin Ross PBw10
169Larry Kelmw13370Webster Slaughter PBw10
170Tom Newberryw13371Bruce Smith PBw11
171Vince Newsomew13372Dennis Smith PBw11
172Irv Pankeyw14373Derrick Thomas PBw11
173Jackie Slaterw14374Thurman Thomas PBw11
174Fred Stricklandw14375David Treadwell PBw11
175Mike Wilcherw14376Lee Williams PBw11
176John Robinson COw7
Super Bowl I
177Mark Claytonw72Super Bowl II
178Roy Fosterw73Super Bowl III
179Harry Galbreathw74Super Bowl IV
180Jim C. Jensenw85Super Bowl V
181Dan Marinow156Super Bowl VI
182Louis Oliverw157Super Bowl VII
183Sammie Smithw158Super Bowl VIII
184Brian Sochiaw159Super Bowl IX
185Don Shula COw1510Super Bowl X
186Joey Brownerw811Super Bowl XI
187Anthony Carterw1512Super Bowl XII
188Chris Dolemanw813Super Bowl XIII
189Steve Jordanw414Super Bowl XIV
190Carl Leew415Super Bowl XV
191Randall McDanielw516Super Bowl XVI
192Mike Merriweatherw517Super Bowl XVII
193Keith Millardw1418Super Bowl XVIII
194Al Nogaw1219Super Bowl XIX
195Scott Studwellw520Super Bowl XX
196Henry Thomasw1221Super Bowl XXI
197Herschel Walkerw522Super Bowl XXII
198Wade Wilsonw523Super Bowl XXIII
199Gary Zimmermanw524Super Bowl XXIV
200Jerry Burns COw625Super Bowl XXV Insert

Fact Pin Given to Students
1990 Pro Set FACT weekly packs picture sent by a "collector from PA"
Notes:  Seems that a "Collector From PA" mentioned that the original FACT cards for the Pro Bowl (PB) do not have bio area text on any of them.  That would suggest the Dickerson must be a prototype?  Also, there should be a "master key" in this set.   The teachers copy should have had the answers list (or dare i suggest, answer cards!?)  Any information about this is also greatly needed and appreciated! UPDATE:  Added 5000 sets and 4th -6th graders in the description to coincide with the information obtained by a "collector in PA."


  1. Hello there!

    I own this complete set =)

    I was a 5th grader at a Cincinnati Public School in 1990 and earned this entire binder set. I recently pulled it out and started to do some research. I haven't found much factual information, but supposedly its a rare collection. Any additonal info you may have I would love to hear.


  2. My set is 400 cards total, fyi. My set does NOT includes 338, Eric Dickerson.

  3. great! I would love some pics!! There is very little information on them. you have it right in front of you let us know how it was distributed. how many cards per packs, did the teacher have her own copy with answers, was there paper work with them, which are the cards missing from my list (you said 400).. anything! and if you would part with it, i would be interested in purchasing! :)

  4. forgot my email: it is 1990proset at gmail. don't forget the dot com :) I post this way so bots don't get my email and spam me.

  5. Hi. The FACT set WAS 400 cards, 25 cards a week (26 with the header card) for 15 weeks and/with the last 25 cards being the 24 card Super Bowl theme art insert set (normal backs, no questions) and the Super Bowl XXIV insert from series one. Don't know if these last 25 were a throw in, a bonus, or what but they are not mentioned in the student instructional booklet as being part of the 15 weeks. There is also a FACT binder with sheets and the student instructional booklet that has all the cards listed for each week along with the question on each card that was given to the stidents. Then there's the Dickerson card. It was NOT issued as part of the FACT set and in looking at the photo, it appears to be a mock-up only because the trivia under the picture is not removed. On all the actual Pro Bowl FACT cards, the trivia is removed and it is blank under the pic. The question on the Dickerson card is actually on card #286 Mike Cofer, that was issued in week one. There is a great write-up on the 1990 FACT set at this link along with a couple of interesting pictures. http://www.worthpoint.com/worthopedia/1990-pro-set-fact-barry-sanders-102-rare-cinti-only

  6. wow! great info! would you be able to send pictures of cards and binder and/or scans of paper work? This is the most elusive set I have ever tried to document. And you show up with the answers like if it is common knowledge! I appreciate anything you can do for the blog!

  7. Hi,
    Some cards have bios and some don't but none of the Pro Bowl cards have bios.

  8. lol! realized that after i edited the page.. got a bit lazy (it was 5am) and left it, but i will edit it again tonight. ty!

  9. Robert, I'll take some pics for you of the binder, some of the cards and associated paperwork. Should I send then to the email address you have listed?