1990-91 Super Bowl XXV Silver Anniversary Set

1990-91 Super Bowl XXV Silver Anniversary Set
UPDATED:  June 29, 2012

Description:  First issued as a 160-card box set in a Super Bowl XXV Commemorative Tin (not to be confused with the Tins containing chocolates).  Then, wax boxes were produced with packs containing 8 collector cards and 6 pieces of bubble gum in each.  These cards do not have the Buick Logos, so they differ from the Buick Silver Anniversary Binder.

4 Set and Poly Box

From Box Above

1990-91 Pro Set Super Bowl 160
Card NoNameCard NoName
1SB I Ticket81Buck Buchanan
2SB II Ticket82Curley Culp
3SB III Ticket83Manny Fernandez
4SB IV Ticket84Joe Greene
5SB V Ticket85Bob Lilly
6SB VI Ticket86Alan Page
7SB VII Ticket87Randy White
8SB VIII Ticket88Nick Buoniconti
9SB IX Ticket89Lee Roy Jordan
10SB X Ticket90Jack Lambert
11SB XI Ticket91Willie Lanier
12SB XII Ticket92Ray Nitschke
13SB XIII Ticket93Mike Singletary
14SB XIV Ticket94Carl Banks
15SB XV Ticket95Charles Haley
16SB XVI Ticket96Jack Ham
17SB XVII Ticket97Ted Hendricks
18SB XVIII Ticket98Chuck Howley
19SB XIX Ticket99Rod Martin
20SB XX Ticket100Herb Adderley
21SB XXI Ticket101Mel Blount
22SB XXII Ticket102Willie Brown
23SB XXIII Ticket103Lester Hayes
24SB XXIV Ticket104Mike Haynes
25Tom Flores CO105Ronnie Lott
26Joe Gibbs CO106Mel Renfro
27Tom Landry CO107Eric Wright
28Vince Lombardi CO108Dick Anderson
29Chuck Noll CO109David Fulcher
30Don Shula CO110Cliff Harris
31Bill Walsh CO111Johnny Robinson
32Terry Bradshaw112Jake Scott
33Joe Montana113Donnie Shell
34Joe Namath114Mike Wagner
35Jim Plunkett115Willie Wood
36Bart Starr116Ray Guy
37Roger Staubach117Lee Johnson
38Marcus Allen118Larry Seiple
39Roger Craig119Jerrel Wilson
40Larry Csonka120Kevin Butler
41Franco Harris121Don Chandler
42John Riggins122Jan Stenerud
43Timmy Smith123Jim Turner
44Matt Snell124Ray Wersching
45Fred Biletnikoff125Larry Anderson
46Cliff Branch126Stanford Jennings
47Max McGee127Mike Nelms
48Jerry Rice128John Taylor
49Ricky Sanders129Fulton Walker
50George Sauer Jr.130E.J. Holub
51John Stallworth131George Seifert CO
52Lynn Swann132Jim Taylor
53Dave Casper133Joe Theismann
54Marv Fleming134Johnny Unitas
55Dan Ross135Reggie Williams
56Forrest Gregg136Two Networks
57Winston Hill137First Fly-Over
58Joe Jacoby138Weeb Ewbank
59Anthony Munoz139Otis Taylor
60Art Shell140Jim O'Brien
61Rayfield Wright141Garo Yepremian
62Ron Yary142Pete Rozelle
63Randy Cross143Percy Howard
64Jerry Kramer144Jackie Smith
65Bob Kuechenberg145Record Crowd
66Larry Little146Yellow Ribbon
67Gerry Mullins147Dan Bunz and
68John Niland148Smurfs (Redskins)
69Gene Upshaw149The Fridge
70Dave Dalby150Phil McConkey
71Jim Langer151Doug Williams
72Dwight Stephenson152Top row left
73Mike Webster153Top row middle
74Ross Browner154Top row right
75Willie Davis155Center row left
76Richard Dent156Center row middle
77L.C. Greenwood157Center row right
78Ed Too Tall Jones158Bottom row left
79Harvey Martin159Bottom row middle
80Dwight White160Bottom row right
NNOSpecial Offer Card

A rumored Super Bowl XXV 'ticket' card was included in a 25-pack (Super Bowl 1-25) for a male fragrance ('Splash,' The Scent of Victory?) that was sold at the event.  The rumor also states that the card was a blank back since the Super Bowl was not played yet!  UPDATE:  The "collector from PA" sent pics of a 'ticket' card he got from a Super Bowl XXV cologne (25 cards total).  I am including the pictures here for your own determination, but they are not officially on my list, YET!

The rumored ticket card exists!

1991 Super Bowl Ticket card box.

Splash Cologne (Box looks too small to hold cards?)
Notes:  Since complete sets were readily available, not much is known about any possible errors or variations (come on!  its Pro Set!).  TODO:  Buy wax boxes! I bought 54 wax packs to hunt down errors.  I have not spotted anything yet, but I can tell you the collation was terrible.  54 packs x 8 per pack = 432 cards and I could not complete 1 - 160-card set (20+ still needed).  There is an offer to buy cards on the back of the poly packs for 10c each (20 or more..  AHA!).  I can tell you the special offer card is also inserted randomly (1:18 packs or 1 per wax box from my brief experience) and increases the card count in that pack to 9. Lastly, don't try to eat the gum! It was harder than a rock!  :D


  1. I have the silver anniversary commemorative card set...how much is it worth

  2. Not much I am afraid. They were printed for 2 years! Sealed is like $5 if your lucky. eBay is overflowing with them. If you have any more questions like this, please email me. I want the comments to concentrate on information about the cards, not their prices. Have a great holiday season! Robert

    1. Do u have any information on the jim Taylor willie lanier misprint

  3. I have a jim taylor card with willie lanier info on back... ricardo

  4. If your card came from a pack or sealed set, it is something I would like a picture of to list on my blog. "Wrong backs" did come out of the Pro Set plant after it shut down. Many, many of them. All are considered printers scrap and I don't blog about those as they should have been tossed in the trash. 1990proset@gmail.com Robert

  5. Have you seen the superbowl 160 binder? No new cards just all the cards in a binder similar to the 106 binder.

  6. Yes I have Jared. I own one. I will have to update the blog soon with a picture of it. Robert

  7. I have the 160 card unopened box set.