1990 Pro Set Theme Art

1990 Pro Set Theme Art
Updated June 19, 2012

Description: Fronts have the theme art from their respective Super Bowl, surrounded by silver borders.  The backs have pictures of the winning teams' Super Bowl Ring.  They were inserted (1) into every Series I wax pack.  The set totals 24 cards.
The cards showcase their respective Super Bowl Theme Art.
Card NoSuper Bowl
1Super Bowl I
2Super Bowl II
3Super Bowl III
4Super Bowl IV
5Super Bowl V
6Super Bowl VI
7Super Bowl VII
8Super Bowl VIII
9Super Bowl IX
10Super Bowl X
11Super Bowl XI
12Super Bowl XII
13Super Bowl XIII
14Super Bowl XIV
15Super Bowl XV
16Super Bowl XVI
17Super Bowl XVII
18Super Bowl XVIII
19Super Bowl XIX
20Super Bowl XX
21Super Bowl XXI
22ASuper Bowl XXII (1989)
22BSuper Bowl XXII (1988)
23Super Bowl XXIII
24Super Bowl XXIV

Notes:  The error card mistakenly set the year as 1989 for Super Bowl XXII on the back top.  The Super Bowl XII Error card is not included as it seems to only be found in the 1990-91 Pro Bowl Binder.  If other sources for it arise, it will be included here.


  1. Great blog! The whole "error" thing with Pro Set cards has become ridiculous. The 25 card set you reference above is of the SB tickets, not the theme art and has a reference to Commemorative Sports Fragrances, Inc on the box. I have pics of the box and card 25 of the 25 card Super bowl ticket set. The pics are self explanatory as to the questions/rumors in your notes and I just need to know how to post pics anonymously.

  2. please send pics to 1990proset at gmail dot ccoomm. posted like that to prevent spamming! and can you confirm the card is a blank back? or what does it say? there was no ring to put back there, so what is there? ty!