1990 Pro Set Unreleased Items

1990 Pro Set Unreleased Items

Updated July 14, 2014

Description:  First, The Thurman Thomas 3D Lucite Card.  It is about 1/4" think, with the Pro Set Logo and Thuman Thomas 'jumping out' of the card.  These types of cards were commissioned from another company (whose name is currently unknown to me). Thanks to "a friend of the blog" for this extremely nice picture.

The Thurman Thomas 3D Lucite Card - It EXISTS!

Second, Unreleased Team Sets: These cards were made in case the Raiders or 49ers made the Super Bowl that year due to the time constraints Pro Set was under to produce a set ready to market.  These "unreleased" sets should have been destroyed, but as everything with Pro Set, someone botched it up or the company simply added more error cards to their long list.

These guys didn't make it to the Super Bowl that year!

Unreleased Super Bowl Cards
AFC - Los Angeles Raiders
NameCard NumberFront Border
Mervyn Fernandez152Red
Willie Gault153Red
Bo Jackson155Red
Don Mosebar156Red
Greg Townsend158Red
Steve Wisniewski160Red
Art Shell161Red
Marcus Allen538Red
Howie Long545Red
Terry McDaniel546Red
Max Montoya547Red
Jay Schroeder548Red
NFC - San Francisco 49ers
NameCard NumberFront Border
Roger Craig287Blue
Charles Haley289Blue
Pierce Holt290Blue
Ronnie Lott291Blue
Guy McIntyre292Blue
Joe Montana293Blue
Jerry Rice295Blue
John Taylor297Blue
George Seifert299Blue
Brent Jones639Blue
Matt Millen640Blue
Dave Waymer644Blue

Notes:  Because of their scarecity, obtaining complete sealed sets seems to be almost impossible.  From my experience (and collection), I have yet to see a 49ers set in its sealed package. (Got ONE!)  Most sellers are eager to maximize profits, so they break up the set into individual cards and reduce the value of what could have been PSA 10 graded cards.  Shame! Note:  Other lucite cards are known to exist.  There is the Desert Storm Peace Dove card (which I can confirm :), The 1991 Mike Singletary card, which I have been provided a scan, and rumored Basketball and Racing Lucite cards as well (I have no idea whom they depict)!  If you have any other information on these or anything else on the blog, please contact me!


  1. Would you have an idea of how much a complete set of all four teams in the super bowl set would be worth?

  2. Please email me to discuss the packs. I reserve the comment section for new finds and such. Robert

  3. I'm a big Pro Set fb collector. Loved them since the beginning. Recently (a few months ago) I saw a set of 9 Raiders cards on ebay for $120! I didn't have the money at the time and kick myself for not getting it! I only have Long and Wisniewski, but I'm always looking for the others!!

  4. I've seen you around Ray (tradingcardb and other forums). I too am from Texas. I listed the 9 cards you saw on eBay :-D. They were my extras. But I just saw a few PSA 10's pop up on eBay. Maybe you will get lucky and own a few more? I own the complete PSA 10 set of the Raiders. Need all the 49ers in PSA 10 (have them all RAW now. 2 sets :-D) If you want to chat about Pro Set stuff, feel free to email me at 1990proset@gmail.com. Robert

  5. I'm lucky enough to now own the following Raiders cards...
    160 Wisniewski BGS
    161 Shell BGS
    538 Allen BGS
    545 Long BGS
    545 Long PSA

    I just purchased 4 others (Mosebar is one I know...all BGS) and am eagerly awaiting their arrival!!

  6. It is very surprising to me that they sell so cheap on eBay these days. I own the whole PSA 10 set of the raiders and only Bo Jackson commanded any real money. I got some of them for $3 each!! Still need to start a PSA 10 49ers set. Have a lead on some sealed packs, so might just submit them myself. Cheers!

  7. Great stuff, Robert. Former master collector, had to give up the bug for a while. A recent BIG find was made on eBay. A KELVIN MARTIN 1990 PRO SET LUCITE CARD. I've included the link to the ended auction. I had no idea this card even existed and it makes me wonder what in the world else was mocked up. I have no other information other than what was left on the on auction description. Let me know if you find out more.

    1. Unfortunately, that card is NOT a Lucite. It is a hand made cut out card. Look at the pictures. And at this point, I am glad... too many new cards keep popping up. LOL - Robert