1990 Pro Set Gazettes

1990 Pro Set Gazettes
Updated October 4, 2012

Description:  These magazines were issued for free to subscribers as a way to promote new products, events, movies, etc. and to sell merchandise.  Each issue contained a few sporting articles, upcomming events notices, stars' birthdays, and checklists for the latest products. They also included letters from Lud Denny and his wife and co-editor Jen Denny.  Their kids were even involved in research and development!

1990 Pro Set Gazettes Volumes 2 Numer 1 & 2
The complete list of  the Pro Set Gazette Magazines is included below just in case wikipedia needs to check the reference I cited.  The master set only includes Volume 2, Issues 1 & 2.

Pro Set Gazette
11Aug89"...The Good Old Days"1st
21Apr90Barry Sanders ROY Pic2nd
22Dec90"Pro Set Gets Ready..."3rd
31Jul91Stanley Cup Finals Pic4th
32Oct91Gary Anderson/Mark Carrier5th
41Feb92Young Indiana Jones Pic6th

Notes: As far as my research shows, only 6 Gazettes were ever produced and shipped.  If you have any information regarding others or variations, please email me or post.  UPDATE: a "collector from PA" let me know the release date for Vol 2 Iss 2.

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  1. Comment to Myself: Find and Post info on the UK Gazettes (as mentioned in the USA Gazettes).