1990 Pro Set Promos

1990 Pro Set Promos
UPDATED: December 22, 2012

Description: Various Promotional and Prototype cards made by Pro Set to gain opinions on a new format to use for the 1990 set.  Cards were also made to be handed out and/or sold at the 1991 Pro Bowl, 1991 Super Bowl XXV and at Card Shows leading up to these events. Other promos include self-promotion cards, mail-in offers, and NFL Draft Day cards.  UPDATE:  You could also find free packs of Pro Set cards in Wheaties Boxes!  They came in clear cellophane 4-packs.  Thanks to *need to ask for moniker* for the info!

1990 Pro Set Randall Cunningham Test/Prototype Cards
1990 Pro Set Steve young and Lud Denny Promos

Steve Young card back - Now thats the 80's!
5-Card Prototype/Test Set
Randall Cunningham315aBlack Border
Randall Cunningham315bSilver Border
Randall Cunningham315cBlue Border
Randall Cunningham315dBorderless
Randall Cunningham315eBorderless
*All Have Same Picture and Text
1990 Pro Set Binder
Binder Mail-In OfferBinder with Pro Set Logo Offer From Wax Packs
Pro Set Folder/Promo
Barry Sanders1b1990 NFL Pro Set Preview Card
Brett Hull11990 NHL Pro Set Hockey Preview Card
Hawaii Promo
Barry Sanders1aSide Head Shot on Back - No ROY Trophy
CEO & VP Promos
Ludwell Denny338bPhotoshop Head - Head Coach of NY Giants
Steve Young666bSteve Young Pro Set Press VP Promo
Draft Day Promos
Jeff George669aColts Helmet -Flying Illini Uniform
669bPatriots Helmet - Flying Illini Uniform
669cFalcons Helmet - Flying Illini Uniform
Keith McCants669dFalcons Helmet
Pro Bowl Promos
Michael Dean PerryNNO1aWithout Pro Set Logo On Front
NNO1bWith Pro Set Logo On Front
William RobertsNNO2NNO1b and NNO2 say 'Pro Bowl Special' on Back
1990-91 Pro Set Pro Bowl 106 Binder
Steve Tasker7541990 Final Update Bar On Top
Reyna Thompson7661990 Final Update Bar On Top
Johnny Johnson7711990 Final Update Bar On Top
Wayne Haddix7781990 Final Update Bar On Top
Super Bowl XIISB12aWhite Bar On Back Top
Card Show Promos
Card Show IINNO2Super Bowl XXV Logo Card w/ Card Show II Snipe
Super Bowl Promos
Super Bowl Tele-ClinicSuper Bowl Tele-Clinic Promo
Buick BinderSuper Bowl XXV Silver Anniversary (56 Cards)
Super Pro Comic BookMarvel Super Bowl Special Super Pro Comic Book

Beckett Football Monthly April 1992 pg 14
Mentions 1990 Pro Set Promo cards (and their theft)

Wheaties Box Front and Back Thanks to *add moniker*

Notes:  Pro Set was all about promos!  They were involved in NFL Draft Days, Card shows, at the Pro Bowl and the Super Bowl raising the bar for others to follow! UPDATE:  Card show I removed as it belongs in the 1989 Master Set. UPDATE 2:  While openening more series I boxes (lol), I noticed the Jeff George Insert (669e for reference) was cut shorter than the other cards (top cut short, color stripes line up).  I compared it to my other cards (some from packs, some bought) and they were not 'miscut', so fyi..  a shorter Jeff George insert is a Late printed series I card, NOT part of the draft day set.  I mention this as I bought a set on ebay and the George Colts card was shorter.   


  1. The cunningham set and card show I are considered 1989 cards by most.

  2. the cunningham prototypes were released with 1989 copyrights, but since they are cards to get feeedback for the production of the 1990 set, they are included as any promo/prototype/test would be included with the set they represent (this is how i see it, but as you said, you don't! Please collect as you see fit and have fun!). Card Show I cards are included because of the 1990 copyright. But you have a point! It happened before SB 24! During the 1989 Production run! Will remove from the list soon! thanks for pointing it out!

  3. Do you have a picture of the Steve Young promo back? Thanks!

  4. yes! will update shortly. robert

    1. Robert,
      How did you come across the pictures of the Steve Young VP promo card, it is by far the rarest pro set card ever made.

  5. I got the pics from another pro set master collector. The guy has pretty much everything EXCEPT that card. So that shows the rarity of it.

  6. Is there anyway you can can get larger pictures front and back of the Steve Young card? I was interested in reading the bio.

  7. I don't think I have a better picture, but this is what it says on the back:

    This Vice President of Unusual Tasks' pro career spans four decades. Football superstar (picture front), to Berkley area funk music legend. Iowa agricultural business sold to financial institution for literally tens of dollars. Developed sports marketing experience under the guidance of ethics guru, Rod "The Bod" Dockery. Recent career achievements include….most consecutive days without seeing sunlight, most cigarettes smoked in a 24 hour period, most phone calls received from Lud between midnight and six a.m. ina single season. Steve is universally loved by parole officers and box manufacturers for his charitable contributions to their causes.

    'ina' in the text is crammed together like that. fyi. Any other questions? 1990proset@gmail.com Robert

  8. I have been collecting pro set for over 20 years and there is no card more rare than the Steve Young VP promo I only know of three that have been confirmed, however there were likely more but they may have been destroyed or lost, only the Eric Dickerson FACT card comes into the discuss as a far second.